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ZADR The Natural Way of Things Ch.13 :iconsilverymoon34:SilveryMoon34 3 3
Mature content
ZADR Poisonous :iconsilverymoon34:SilveryMoon34 4 0
The Natural Way of Things Ch.12

Chapter 12: Good evening, Mr. Membrane

Far below, Zim moved relatively silently down a completely still and empty corridor that was the same dull steel color as the stairs that brought him there. He shivered, as much as because of the creepy silence as the colder temperature, hugging himself with invisible arms, antennae slicked back with discomfort. Stupid inferior hyuuman facility...
Zim had not been walking long, when he felt a noiseless hum fill the air; the farther along he walked, the more he could feel it. He could even feel it vibrating the floor beneath his boots. He reached out to touch the wall as he walked. The rough material seemed to pulse gently beneath the invader's gloved fingers.
Why...Why did this seem so familiar...?
He was just about to access his PAK's internal memory storage to find out, when the Dib's panicked voice filled one antenna, slicing his concentration to bits. "Zim! We've got to get out of here, now! There aren't any humans here! The wo
:iconsilverymoon34:SilveryMoon34 3 1
ZADR The Natural Way of Things Ch.11

Chapter 11: Spy Games

Zim sat up a bit groggily, pivoting in Dib's lap to face the screen. He peered grumpily up at it. "Your point, Dib-smell?"
Dib grinned, long fingers wrapping around Zim's small waist, shifting the smaller alien on his lap a bit so he could get a better look at the screen. "Let's see..."
One of Dib's hands moved from Zim's waist to tap at several keys on the keyboard. "....PROCESSING..." the computer intoned from above in response. After a short pause, images began to flicker across the screen.
Some were completely useless--documents in a strange language neither of them could read. But then, things that looked suspiciously like blueprints started showing up.
Dib's grin instantly slipped and he sat up completely, nearly dislodging Zim. "Computer, go back to that."
The computer sighed, but complied. Dib gasped. "That's....Those are..."
Zim blinked up at the hyuman in annoyance before looking back up at the blue that now filled th
:iconsilverymoon34:SilveryMoon34 4 6
ZADR The Natural Way of Things ch.10

Chapter 10: Secrets

When Zim woke up, it was to the grating sound of the t.v., and GIR. Zim made a face, antennae flattening tighter to his scalp in annoyance as he nuzzled closer to the warmth and the sound of the Dib's heart organ.
Far from being annoyed by that particular noise, Zim found that he rather liked it. The steady, rhythmic beats reminded him a lot of the pulsing of the Massive's engines, as heard far belowdecks, in the smeetery...
"Zim." Zim could actually feel the vibration of the human's voice through his chest. While not entirely unpleasant, it was jarring compared to the calm, steady beats of the heart organ. Zim pulled another face, pulling away to toss a halfhearted glare up at the human. "What, Dib-noise?"
Dib wasn't looking at him. He was looking at the television screen, amber eyes red-rimmed. "They think I did it. They think I went nuts and torched my own house."
"What?" Zim's head whipped around to glare at the t.v. "Fools! D
:iconsilverymoon34:SilveryMoon34 3 2
ZADR The Natural Way of Things Ch.9

Ch.9: Personal Business

A few blocks later, and Zim's base came into sight. Zim picked up his pace, practically dragging Dib along behind him. Up the sidewalk, through the gap in the gate, all the way up to the purple front door. The lawn gnomes didn't even spare Dib a glance.
When they got inside, they slammed the door shut behind them, and leaned up against it shakily, together.
"Mastah! Big-head boy!" squeed a familiar voice.
Dib lifted his head, using a neck that somehow felt both boneless and full of iron. "GIR...?"
The little SIR unit tottered rather drunkenly into the room from the kitchen, no disguise on. He looked a bit scratched in some places, and dirty, but otherwise none the worse for wear.
"But I thought...?" The boy vividly remembered seeing a green GIR-like blur hitting Scattermoon in the park, to give him enough time to get away with Zim...
GIR remembered, too. "Scary lady was mad!" the little robot informed him cheerfully. "
:iconsilverymoon34:SilveryMoon34 4 1
ZADR The Natural Way of Things Ch.8

Ch.8: SSDA (Same Shit, Different Alien)

"That's your plan, Dib-pathetic? Cower in your fil-thy hyuuman 'home' and wait?"
"I'm not cowering, Zim," the human bristled, typing away at his inferior computer 'technology', eyes hidden from Zim due to the glare on his glasses from the computer screen. "Use your 'superior' alien brain for once. Scattermoon wants something. You. Who has you? I do. That leaves two options: one, break down the door, or two, make contact and try to make a deal. She was clever enough to infiltrate SEN, an organization filled with the most paranoid people on the planet. I'd say making contact is the best option."
Zim bristled. "The Dib does not 'have' Zim! Zim has elected to stay in this filthy hyuuman base of the Dib's!"
"Mmmhmm. And I'm sure the two inch thick titanium alloy sheets over all the doors and windows had nothing to do with it."
Zim glared at the side of the insolent human worm-baby's head, but he was r
:iconsilverymoon34:SilveryMoon34 4 2
ZADR The Natural Way of Things Ch.7

Ch.7: Alliance
When Dib pulled up to his house, the place was as deserted as it had been when he left it--save for Gaz lounging primly on the porch, queen of the world, with the Gameslave on her lap.
Dib opened the door, sliding out and standing up warily. "Gaz? Are they gone?"
"Obviously," Anyone who didn't know Gaz as well as Dib did would have found her body language to be its usual indifference, but to Dib, the girl telegraphed smugness, even at this distance.
He sighed, shutting his door and turning to the backseat. "How'd you do it?"
Gaz actually looked up and smirked at that, though her brother couldn't see. "I told them President Woman called to tell Dad she was on her way to see him at the main lab. Idiots believed me."
Dib snorted, ducking in to pick up Zim. Of course they did. Gaz was Daddy's Little Girl. No insanity scares there. And a model citizen to boot, as far as they knew...
Nudging the backseat door shut, Dib walked quickly up to where Gaz sat, glancing waril
:iconsilverymoon34:SilveryMoon34 4 6
ZADR The Natural Way of Things Ch.6

Ch.6: Murphy's Law

When Dib finally woke up, it was to the sound of loud faux snoring. He sat up slowly, pushing the blanket off his head, aiming a squinting glare in the direction of the noise. "I know you're awake, Zim. You don't snore."
As he grabbed his glasses and shoved them on, he heard a rustle, and a clink of the cord. When he looked again, Zim had managed to maneuver himself into a defensive crouching position back against the wall; but he was still wobbly and woozy from the cuffs. He blinked rapidly as he stared back at Dib, fighting to maintain focus.
When Dib shifted his legs off the bed to stand up, the alien hissed and shifted himself, pressing his back more firmly against the wall. Protecting his PAK. He finally saw Dib as a real threat. The boy sighed, rubbing his eyes and face, trying and failing not to notice how that made his guts hurt.
When he stood up, the alien growled, "Don' come near me, hyuman."
Dib glanced at his alarm cloc
:iconsilverymoon34:SilveryMoon34 4 0
ZADR The Natural Way of Things Ch.5

Ch.5: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
When Dib finally managed to get away from his bandmates and the usual general post-concert craziness, he made his way straight to the cubby at the back of the stage, fully expecting the alien to be gone.
Glancing over his shoulder out of habit--there was no one even close to where he was; they were all busy getting hammered around a small bonfire near the park's pond--Dib hurried as quickly and silently as he could to the cubby. Once there, he dropped to his knees in front of it and shoved the ivy aside.
He wasn't.
Zim was still in the cubby. He had turned over and curled in on himself in his sleep, handcuffed hands pressed against his chest, but he was still there. Still Dib's prisoner.
Dib stared, dumbstruck, hardly daring to believe what his eyes were telling him. He didn't know how long he just kind of sat there staring--it could have been anywhere from five minutes to an hour, for all he knew--before one glorious word penetrated
:iconsilverymoon34:SilveryMoon34 4 0
ZADR The Natural Way of Things Ch.4

Ch. 4: Captured!

Later, deep within the base, the results for several tests and bioscans scrolled across the screens in front of Zim. Nothing. There was absolutely nothing wrong with him. Nothing at all to account for his bizarre reaction to the mate-y noises first period. So Zim did what Zim did best--he chalked it up to the inferior Earth atmosphere and pretended it never happened.
With a quiet huff the alien cleared the results from his screens--to find himself suddenly face-to-face with a moon-sized freckled white face. "Heya buddy!"
Zim's startled shriek could have been heard at ground level, if the only being there had been paying any attention. "KEEF?!"
"Ya!" The face pulled out a bit from the camera, so two big blue eyes could be seen as well. "The Spooky Dukes are having a special concert on the park green tonight and I was going to see if you'd come with me again. It'll be fun!"
Red eyes narrowed. "Keef," the alien managed in a more normal voice. "Don't you have othe
:iconsilverymoon34:SilveryMoon34 3 6
ZADR The Natural Way of Things Ch.3

Ch.3: The Rivalry Returns

When the transmission was over, Dib stomped back downstairs, his heart and stomach feeling like they had taken up residence somewhere near his shoes. Gaz, as usual, sat on the couch in front of the big screen, lost in the world of her Game Slave 6. For some reason, the familiar sight relit an old urge in Dib--the urge to rant.
"Gaz! You won't believe who had the balls to show up again at skool today."
"Who? Your common sense?" the fifteen-year-old answered dryly, narrowed gaze never leaving the glowing screen of the game console.
For the first time since he was eleven years old, the sarcasm went right over his head as he flopped jelly-limbed onto the couch beside his sister. "No. Zim." Dib's voice dripped and bubbled with undiluted, acidic hatred on the alien's name.
"Zim." In contrast, Gaz's voice was the picture of flat, bored neutrality.
"Yeah. Zim. You know, the crazy little green homicidal alien who repeatedly tried to kill us and destroy
:iconsilverymoon34:SilveryMoon34 3 0
Zadr The Natural Way of Things Ch.2

Ch. 2: Sleeper Agent Mothman
Hi Skool, a low, squat, dirt-brown building, was not much different from the Skool Zim had attended before. The alien narrowed his eyes, snorting in disgust to himself. Five years, and the hyumans' facilities of training were still as pathetic as ever...
He shoved through the glass-paned front doors, only to skid to a halt as his alien equivalent of a heart bounced into his throat and beat there like a frantic Earth butterfly.
The Dib's trench coat was everywhere, swishing in front of the long rows of dull gray lockers, twirling to show off for friends, posing for best effect against the walls and lockers...Had the Dib found a way to clone himself and sent his massive Dib army of DOOM to wait in ambush for Zim?!
No. No. The more the Irken stared, the more the faces resolved themselves into different pig-human shapes--shapes with a distinct lack of Dib-ness. Zim bared his zipper teeth in fury as the truth became obvious. The symbol of his arch
:iconsilverymoon34:SilveryMoon34 2 0
ZADR Natural Way of Things Ch. 1

The Natural Way of Things, Ch. 1

After the filthy War was over, and the Irkens proven supreme once more, Zim requested of his Tallest that he be allowed to return to his mission of conquering the wretched Earth.
Taking one look at his proud, scarred visage, his giggling leaders agreed.
So here he was again, taking another six month journey to a filthy, acid-drenched mudball of a planet, to settle one last score. GIR was beside him again,too, silent for once--most likely because Zim had threatened to leave him behind on Irk if he even thought the word 'doom'.
Which left Zim to his thoughts. Zim smiled, leaning back into the Voot's cushioned pilot's seat. It would be different, vastly different, this time. No more failures for Zim. The Dib-beast and his world would kneel before HIM! Because Zim had a plan. No more physical warfare with the Dib for him. It was all psychological now. Because if war had taught the alien anything, it was that the real key to defeating a filthy enemy
:iconsilverymoon34:SilveryMoon34 6 0
ZADF Summer Truce

Lazy Summer Truce

When summer struck Dib's hometown, it did so with relish, sweeping over the town and choking everyone in it with a smothering blanket of heat and humidity. Anyone with half a brain stem was inside, soaking up man-made breezes from their air conditioners.
Dib, though in full possession of a fully formed (and completely functional, thank you very much!) brain, was not so lucky. Gaz and her evil stuffed animals had taken up residence in the only room in their house with a decent air conditioner (well, aside from their father's basement lab, but not even a sighting of Bigfoot could make him go down THERE!) thus leaving the teen to find relief elsewhere.
Eventually, he had to settle on the hammock--and the scant shade its trees provided--in his backyard. The long-limbed teen flopped into it almost lifelessly, body half-twisted as he got comfortable, one leg half-dangling off the side. As he lay there, lightly swinging himself for the relief of a small breeze in th
:iconsilverymoon34:SilveryMoon34 21 4


"Screw this. I'm outta here." Dib slammed the door to the psychiatrist's office shut behind him, not bothering to look back. No one bothered to stop him.
This family counciling shit was just that--a shitty publicity stunt by his father, a bogus attempt to put a positive spin on his relationship with his 'insane son' and his (formerly) pig-girl daughter. Typical of Dad, really. But what infuriated Dib the most was that Gaz had gone right along with it, though she thought it was just as stupid as Dib did. Just to be close to their father.
Dib supposed he could understand that, really. Unlike Dib, she had not yet given up on their father. She still believed that he was more than just an attention-whoring fraud, though she would rather die than admit it to anyone, least of all to Dib. Dib knew, anyway--he used to feel the same...
Dib shoved his hands in his trench coat pockets, hunching his thin shoulders against the biting wind. He caught the flash of a camera out of
:iconsilverymoon34:SilveryMoon34 25 7


This could be considered overkill by zarla This could be considered overkill :iconzarla:zarla 3,260 1,461
Sebastian x Ciel Short -- Wedding
"This day came rather quickly," Sebastian pointed out, a small smile gracing his lips as he slipped Ciel's shoe over the master's foot. Ciel shrugged.
"Well, do remember that this is only the wedding rehearsal."
Sebastian nodded, adjusting his master's collar with a lingering smile. "You've grown a bit too fast," he joked lightly. "Almost nineteen already, my lord." Ciel shrugged. Sebastian went on, "and Lady Elizabeth has grown just as much, if not more." Ciel shrugged again, biting his lip. Sebastian used one hand to lift his chin and mutter to him, "what's wrong?"
Ciel pushed his hand away. "I've said this before, and I'll say it again. I never wanted her to be my fiance. I never had a choice."
Sebastian cocked his head. "So you're not going to marry her?"
Ciel glared at him. "It's not like I can just back out of the wedding, especially since we've been engaged for almost our who
:iconsebbyxciel123:SebbyxCiel123 178 50
His Butler - Valentine's Day by oOo-KupoCoffee-oOo His Butler - Valentine's Day :iconooo-kupocoffee-ooo:oOo-KupoCoffee-oOo 2,506 395 SebaCiels ALMOST ANIME Kiss by Sasu-chanxNaru-chan SebaCiels ALMOST ANIME Kiss :iconsasu-chanxnaru-chan:Sasu-chanxNaru-chan 35 29 SebaCiel XD ohohoho by TheFallenAngel-123 SebaCiel XD ohohoho :iconthefallenangel-123:TheFallenAngel-123 16 6 SebaCiel *A* by Vampiricme SebaCiel *A* :iconvampiricme:Vampiricme 10 3 FFFFFFFFFFFFFF by Scratchkitty1456 FFFFFFFFFFFFFF :iconscratchkitty1456:Scratchkitty1456 4 1 Kuroshitsuji Motivational Poster 3 by Scratchkitty1456 Kuroshitsuji Motivational Poster 3 :iconscratchkitty1456:Scratchkitty1456 7 5 Kuroshitsuji Motivational Poster 2 by Scratchkitty1456 Kuroshitsuji Motivational Poster 2 :iconscratchkitty1456:Scratchkitty1456 10 2
Mature content
Fallen (Kuroshitsuji, SebaCiel, 18+) [1/1] :iconsoulless-lover:soulless-lover 46 24
Too Cold || Black Butler - SebaCiel
Word Count: 843 words
Notes: In which Ciel doesn't want to get out of bed because it's too cold and Sebastian finds a way to get him out, much to the other's displeasure.
It was cold. So very cold. No matter how many times Sebastian insisted that he had to get out of bed and attend to his daily duties, Ciel refused, shoving his head under his pillow. If he got out, then he would lose the warmth his blankets provided. This was why he hated winter. It was always so cold.
''Young master, how many times are you going to make me ask you to please get out of bed.'' Sebastian asked with a forced smile.
Ciel groaned, his voice muffled, causing the butler to sigh in exasperation. There was definitely no way he was going to get the boy out from under the covers, especially on a day as cold as this one. It seemed that the season had particularly picked that day to be the coldest. Glancing towards the windows, Sebastian could see the snow fall softly to the ground and a slowly fo
:iconlovelylina:LovelyLina 39 12
(Kuroshitsuji) Ciel doujishi coloring by WarriorCatsFanWCF (Kuroshitsuji) Ciel doujishi coloring :iconwarriorcatsfanwcf:WarriorCatsFanWCF 13 1 (Kuroshitsuji) Cuddle :3 SebaCiel ~ Coloring by WarriorCatsFanWCF (Kuroshitsuji) Cuddle :3 SebaCiel ~ Coloring :iconwarriorcatsfanwcf:WarriorCatsFanWCF 48 9 Kuroshitsuji SebaCiel by MommyCloud Kuroshitsuji SebaCiel :iconmommycloud:MommyCloud 41 7
A Short SebaCiel story~
His beautiful eyes looked up at him. "Sebastian.." He whispered his voice
almost caught in his throat. Sebastian smirked ever so kindly down at Ciel.
He had one knee on each side of him,and both arms as well. His blood wine eyes
were looking right into Ciel's. "Yes..My lord?" He asked calmly using one hand
to brush Ciel's cheek softly. "This..How we are now..How did it ever come to this?"
Ciel asked his cheeks red as a rose from the position the two were in. "I do not
know my lord,Ever since you said you had feelings for me?" Sebastian asked his
smirk widening on his face. Ciel eyes widen softly remembering the day he said that
to his mere butler,now they were lovers but they always kept it a secret from
anyone. Sebastian softly pressed his lips against Ciel's. Ciel kissed him back
without a second thought. The kiss was deep and passionate as Ciel was used to.
After the kiss was done Sebastian went to softly nibble on Ciel's neck. Ciel
blushed brighter letting out a soft moan. Sebastia
:iconwarriorcatsfanwcf:WarriorCatsFanWCF 31 14
Unhand Me by Manicfool Unhand Me :iconmanicfool:Manicfool 156 51



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